In These Uncertian Times Exhibit Tawnya Gilbert

Virtual Gallery Talks: What is Essential?

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Friday, February 12, 2021,
6pm - 7pm

Online via Zoom

Learn more about the artworks and themes of our new community-sourced exhibition, In These Uncertain Times, in our new weekly Virtual Gallery Talk series.

As we await the day we can welcome you back inside the museum to experience the exhibition for yourself, join exhibiting artists and MAH staff for an hour of art and conversation.

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February 12th: What is Essential?

“Thank you essential workers!” - Everyone, everywhere

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has significantly impacted the daily lives of people in our community, and all over the world. While shelter in place orders have many people spending more time at home, others must continue to live and work with caution. These artworks reflect on the impact this crisis has had on our lives and on those who work tirelessly on the front lines of this pandemic each day.

Featured Artists

The Shrine of the Holy Hand Sanitizer, by Anastasia Torres-Gil & Gretchen Regenhardt

“In the beginning of Covid-19, finding a bottle of Purell was like searching for the Holy Grail. We celebrate the rare Purell along with the other items which overnight became hard to find & necessities.”

Untitled (Three Monkeys), by Michael Lane

“The pandemic has changed a lot of things, like physical contact. Some miss it more than others.”

Spiked Chainmail Face Mask, by Jack Turner

“This mask won't stop viruses, but it might help with social distancing.”

Have Hope, by Cristina Sayers

“ Accept and accommodate what is asked to protect those around you and think out outside of yourself toward a new world.”

Surviving Covid Project, Organized by Tawnya Gilbert

“In early March 2020 I was struck with the realization that nurses had an obligation to get our country through this epidemic. I was aware of the fear and tragedy touching the lives of all healthcare workers and wanted to find a way to bring inspiration, hope, humor, and humanity back into our hospital break rooms.”

When I Say We Are All QuranTeen Girls, by Mycah Miller

"It is a poem not only about connection during quarantine, but about girlhood, and how we learn from and exhibit it’s best characteristics.”

Debemos Continuar (We Must Carry On), by Vivian Vargas

“Santa Cruz County's Latino population is 33.5% yet Latinos account for 62.8% of reported COVID-19 infections in the county. My life, our lives, benefit from the work they do. We must understand our debt to these workers and do something.”

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