Calls for Collaboration

Share your art, traditions, stories, and dreams with Santa Cruz County by answering the MAH's open calls for participation. Find your space in co-created and community-sourced exhibitions, events, festivals, and more.

Co-Create with the MAH

Your wild ideas are welcome here. Here are some examples of how you can bring your ideas to the MAH.

3Rd Friday Beyond Borders 34130126702 O

Perform Your Dance, Spoken Word, or Balloon Band

Bring an event to life with dance, spoken word, fashion, music, or magic. Whether your talent is poetry, song or a bass guitar made out of a pink balloon (that really happened once), the MAH is your stage.

S2C Cid Pearlamn Workshops 14475305793 O

Teach a Workshop

Share skills with a hands-on workshop for visitors of all-ages. Walk visitors through a radical craft. Create an unexpected way for new learners to engage with science. Teach budding activists about a revolutionary moment in time with printmaking or letter-writing.

3Rd Friday The Cosmos 2016 27154520821 O

Lead a Demonstration

Bring your incredible craft to new eyes. Share an intricate experience with curious visitors. No idea is too weird. You’ll be joining the ranks of collaborator blacksmiths, tarot card readers, firebreathers, watermelon-carvers and live taxidermists who have led demos at the MAH.

May See Be Seen

Propose an Exhibition

We're always on the lookout for creative group show proposals. Submit yours today.

Let’s make something amazing
Share your most daring dreams with us. We’ll do our best to make them come true.
Share Your Idea

Take Over the MAH

Rent the MAH
We’d love to talk to you about the best space and find the right fit for your event at the MAH.

Mix and match outdoor or indoor spaces to make your event dreams come true.

See Rentable Spaces