In These Uncertian Times 2021 Isaac Klotz

Virtual Gallery Talks: Grief & Remembering

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Friday, February 19, 2021,
6pm - 7pm

Online via Zoom

$5 General | Free for MAH Members & Exhibiting Artists

Learn more about the artworks and themes of our new community-sourced exhibition, In These Uncertain Times, in our new weekly Virtual Gallery Talk series.

As we await the day we can welcome you back inside the museum to experience the exhibition for yourself, join exhibiting artists and MAH staff for an hour of art and conversation.

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February 19th: Grief & Remembering

This pandemic has laid bare the inequities created by our social systems for centuries. The disproportionate impact of this virus on the health and well being of black and brown communities sheds light on systemic injustice in our country. As we make time to collectively grieve and recover from this virus, we must also work to heal the trauma of systematic racism to create a more equitable world for everyone.

The artworks shared as part of this event highlight ways that artists are using their practice to grieve, remember, and process the complicated emotions brought about over the last year.

Intimations by Zadie Smith 1

“I used to think that there would one day be a vaccine: that if enough black people named the virus, explained it, demonstrated how it operates, videoed its effects, protested it peacefully, revealed how widespread it really is, how the symptoms arise, how so many Americans keep giving it to each other, irresponsibly and shamefully, generation after generation, causing intolerable and unending damage both to individual bodies and to the body politic—I thought if that knowledge became as widespread as could possibly be managed or imagined that we might finally reach some kind of herd immunity...” ― Zadie Smith, Intimations

Featured Artists

Faces of George Floyd, by Isaac Klotz

“In the five days following George Floyd’s death, I began compiling images from protests that were taking place all around the country, and world. I wanted to create an artwork to remind everyone of the moment and to inspire hope for change.”

Saffron Ribbons: In Grief and Solidarity, by Sara Friedlander & Artists Resist and Respond Together

“When Covid death tolls reached 100,000, ARRT wanted to create a memorial. These ribbons have been hanging around town for months now, reminding us to grieve. As the ribbons dance in the wind, they also inspire us to mobilize.”

Ofrenda, Jasmin Zafra

“Having grown up celebrating Día De Los Muertos, skeletons are an homage to my father and culture. In a time of uncertainty, this painting represents holding on to the memory of loved ones and an ofrenda to anyone who needs it.”

Who Lives and Who Dies, by Shelby Graham

“I use algae, sand, and grasses with found text on cyanotype to imprint my observations of the pandemic, climate crisis, and racial inequities.”

George Floyd, by Sheila Cremonini

“It connects to the Pandemic and represents a time when lives have been taken away, not only by viruses but by police brutality. This Pandemic encapsulates all the atrocities we see day by day.”

When All Else Fails, Make A List, by Samuel Oastler

“As a special needs student and mental health worker I found healing through painting the nightmare of covid. Painting these lists helped me cope with the isolation of public housing where I’m discouraged in going out and have little access to transportation. “

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