Eve Burl by Montana Fowler

Virtual Gallery Talks: Creativity in Quarantine

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Friday, March 12, 2021,
6pm - 7pm

Online via Zoom

$5 General | Free for MAH Members & Exhibiting Artists

Learn more about the artworks and themes of our new community-sourced exhibition, In These Uncertain Times, in our new weekly Virtual Gallery Talk series.

As we await the day we can welcome you back inside the museum to experience the exhibition for yourself, join exhibiting artists and MAH staff for an hour of art and conversation.

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March 12th: Creativity in Quarantine

“Experience - mystifying, overwhelming, conscious, subconscious - rolls over everybody. We try to adapt, to learn, to accommodate, sometimes resisting, other times submitting to, whatever confronts us.” ― Zadie Smith, Intimations

This pandemic has forced many of us to slow down and take stock of our lives. And in the months since March of 2020, it has continued to be a moment of collective pause and deep reflection. For some it has provided time to experiment with their creativity, while some have used this space to dig deep into their artistic practice.

Featured Artists

The Cuckoo and Confinement, by Margaret Michel

“My father spent some time in Germany during WWII and brought back a cuckoo clock. I received the broken clock during confinement and decided to renovate it… the slow ticking and chimes were ominous.”

Change For Better, by Ann Hazels

"I started this piece several years ago and it keeps resurfacing for me. It is pennies (change) collected from my days of being a barista (economy) in line of hope (better)."

Quiet, by John Babcock

“In these Covid times when we are so isolated but in such turmoil this poem speaks volumes. As the year marches on the words and thoughts expressed by this Nobel Laureate poet just became more relevant…”

Delirium Visions, by Carol Sanforn

“ICU delirium is the result of the extreme conditions of intensive care: sedation, immobility, isolation, bright lights, equipment noises, pain, and sleep deprivation. Patients under these conditions can become confused, paranoid, or completely lose touch with reality.”

Stop. It Will Be Okay, by Sofia Treadwell

“At the start of the pandemic, 9 year old Sofia sat down and made this to reassure herself that it will all be ok. The piece remains on our mantle as a colorful reminder to all of us.”

Covid Crazy Quilt, by Susan Hill

“The pandemic unemployment and shelter in place gave me more time than ever to embellish and try new techniques. I miss hugging my girls but have shared this process with them over FaceTime. During the recent evacuations, it was one of the few items I took with me, accidentally sewing to my friend’s sheets.”

Boxed In, by Patrick Stefaniak

“After classes moved on to Zoom I quickly got tired of looking at screens. I started making things with my hands, rather than a computer, using what I had - boxes I had accumulated from deliveries... Looking into the boxes, the boundaries seem to fluctuate between the enclosed and the infinite.”

Receding Fog, by Sydney Zentall

“The uncertainty of this moment is portrayed by the occurrence of unexpected encounters of beauty amidst a backdrop of disarray (in this case fog).”

Night, by Lynn Todaro

“Entering a dark room of uncertainty, we pass through to reach the lighted hallway of hope.”

Normal Theater, by Megan O’Dea

“Normal, IL is my hometown...In these uncertain times we faced, I turned to the comfort of home. And even though I couldn’t physically go back to Normal, I decided to recreate a part of its quaintness and quirkiness...in doing so I felt a sense of peace.”

Life On Hold, by Jennifer Chun

“In the first days of the pandemic, my roommate and I were told that the dorms were going to close, and classes would be online for the rest of the semester. We were a little stunned, and sat there looking out the window, wondering if and when we would see each other again…”

Losing My Head, by Simone Athens

“I thought It would be like a cold… when people started to wear masks to protect themselves, I realized that this was gonna be hard. And it was… I was Losing My Head."

Shifting Sands, by Robynn Smith

“During the early days of the pandemic, I spent a great deal of time and energy rescuing a lovely horse from a potentially horrific fate. It portrays the uncertainty of our collective fates as we navigate this terrible time.”

Eve & Burl, by Montana Fowler

“In these times we are getting more acquainted with our interior spaces while our phones connect us with others. Eve and Lu are sisters who quarantined together; Lu captured this moment over her sister with a cat named Burl.”

Gold Chain, by Camilla Schaeffer

“When lock down started I taught myself the finer details of weaving. If 2020 gave me anything it is time...”

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