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History is more than just a story in a book. Many of the adventurous people who arrived in the 1800s and helped change Santa Cruz into a growing modern city are found at Evergreen Cemetery. The Evergreen Cemetery Committee works to preserve the grounds of the Cemetery as well as archive and share the stories of the people buried there.

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The Historic Landmark Committee seeks out structures that shine a light on the people that lived in them and preserve a piece of Santa Cruz County history. "Blue Plaques" are awarded quarterly to structures that have architectural or historic significance throughout the County.

Meets quarterly. Contact Marla Novo to join the next meeting.

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Uncover diverse stories about Santa Cruz County. Help write the next publication about an important part of our community’s history. Past publications have been about land use, food, the Jewish community, and unknown figures who once lived in Santa Cruz.

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The Publication Committee works to promote community engagement and interest in the history of Santa Cruz County, for the benefit of residents and visitors. Their mission is to promote engagement and interest by local history researchers and writers.

Help oversee the museum’s acquisition of California art and history objects and archives (photographs and papers) that relate to Santa Cruz County history.

Meets quarterly. See when the next meeting is. Contact Marla Novo

Help oversee the museum’s acquisition of California art and history objects and archives (photographs and papers) that relate to Santa Cruz County history.

Meets quarterly. See when the next meeting is. Learn more

Join a group that promotes a deep understanding of local history and presents two awards annually for distinguished service to local history.


  • The Dolkas-Mertz Award is a competitive research grant awarded annually for original projects that promote the understanding of the history of the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Area both in the area of intellectual research (publishing: writing/photographic, video, voice) and material structure (objects/buildings).

    Nominations and applications for the 2024 Dolkas-Mertz Award will be accepted through October 1, 2024. Please download an application form here.

  • The Distinguished Historian award is an honor bestowed on a person annually who has made unique contributions to Santa Cruz County history. This award is open to historians, educators, archivists, and enthusiasts who are passionate about local history.

Past Dolkas-Mertz Award Awardees



  • exTANt (Kathleen Aston and Yulia Gilich) audio tour of the labor history of the Tannery Arts Center



  • Shmuel Thaler and Nikki Silva: Lost & Found: The CZU Lightning Complex Fire Project


  • Aptos History Museum: Aptos Life
  • Santa Cruz Historic Preservation Commision: The Santa Cruz Wave Motor, 1898–1910
  • Stan Stevens: In the Matter of the Investigation of Charges Against Honorable Lucas Flattery Smith (Judge of the Superior Court of the County of Santa Cruz, State of California), praying for his Impeachment, 1905


  • Traci Bliss: Santa Cruz Roots: The People of Evergreen Cemetery
  • Frank Perry: Santa Cruz County: A Photographic Record from the 1930s


  • Alverda Orlando for research for a book about Davenport history


  • George J. Fogelson for Between the Redwoods and the Bay: The Jewish Community of Santa Cruz, California


  • Diversity Center of Santa Cruz County’s Trailblazers Oral History Project



  • Randall Brown for his research on Josephine Clifford McCrackin


  • Alverda Orlando for documentary work on North Coast farmers
  • Nicholas Barron for research on systematic bias in federal recognition of Native American groups in the Monterey Bay region


  • Maureen Davidson for her research on the history of murals throughout Santa Cruz County


  • Barry Brown for his work on the California Powder Works, Santa Cruz County, 1861-1914


  • Lucia MacLean for her project to preserve and distribute the history of the Alba School and Recreation District in Ben Lomond
  • George Fogelson for his continued study of the History of Jews of Santa Cruz County with new research on the Alexander Family of Watsonville


  • Philip Reader for History of African Americans in Santa Cruz County
  • Alverda Orlando for Davenport History Website


  • Melissa Stevens for An Oral History of Monterey Bay Fishermen, Part I


  • Dr. Julianne Burton-Carvajal for a guide to Monterey Bay Adobes
  • Robert Edwards and Charr Simpson Smith for archeological work at the Redman-Hiraharra House, Watsonville


  • George J. Fogelson for The History of the Jews in Santa Cruz County, 1855-present


  • Barry Brown for California Powder Works, 1864-1914


  • Colleen Mclnerney-Meagher for The Story of Pogonip

Past Distinguished Historians

2000 Stan Stevens

2001 Alverda Orlando

2002 Frank Perry

2003 Rachel McKay

2004 Norm Lezin

2005 Judy Steen

2006 Jane Borg

2007 Bob Piwarzyk

2008 Betty Lewis

2009 Joan Gilbert Martin

2010 Marion Pokriots

2011 Soquel Pioneer and Historical Association

2017 Randall Brown

2016 George Ow, Jr.

2015 Geoffrey Dunn

2014 Phil Reader

2011 Jane Borg (Lifetime Achievement Award)

2012 Sandy Lydon

2013 Norman and Kathleen Poitevin

2013 Carolyn Swift (Lifetime Achievement Award)

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