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Virtual Gallery Talks: Abstract Feelings

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Friday, February 26, 2021,
6pm - 7pm

Online via Zoom

$5 General | Free for MAH Members & Exhibiting Artists

Learn more about the artworks and themes of our new community-sourced exhibition, In These Uncertain Times, in our new weekly Virtual Gallery Talk series.

As we await the day we can welcome you back inside the museum to experience the exhibition for yourself, join exhibiting artists and MAH staff for an hour of art and conversation.

RSVP on Eventbrite for new topics every week as we highlight the artwork and creative process of individuals from across Santa Cruz County. So grab a drink, a cup of tea, or order your favorite local take out and join us every Friday at 6pm.

February 26th: Abstract Feelings

“I think it is healing behavior, to look at something so broken and see the possibility and wholeness in it.” ― Adrienne Maree Brown

This global pandemic has opened a portal to a whole range of emotions. As we experience the fear, anxiety, and isolation of this moment, many have turned to art as a way to help process complex emotions. These artworks use the visual language of shape, color, and form to embrace the unknown.

Featured Artists

Gone People Gone & The Nick, by Myra Eastman

“What a time this is. This is part of an ongoing series of paintings that narrate how life under Covid took hold of us and where it has taken us.

Meeting, by Lisa Ekström

“I made this during a meeting of artist friends via zoom. Our conversation ranged from pandemic experiences to our artwork practices and how they were changing. All of this made its way onto the paper and, to my surprise, mirrored the zoom screen.”

Out of the Mud Grows the Lotus, by Linda Cover

“No work, no exhibits, I thought I would lose my studio, and maybe even my life. I started with an old image and over time that image transformed through desperation to some hope.”

2020 Reframed, by Wendy Meg Siegel

“I became aware of an unusual presence of words beginning with RE - retreat, rediscover, recreate, reinvent, recover. We’ve all had reasons to RE-vise our plans, RE-assess our priorities, and RE-define our lives.”

I’ll Fly Away, by Beth Shields

“About 2 months into covid, I felt an urge to work big, messy and free. The excitement I feel in working this way started to heal the depression that was threatening to overtake my life. My age (72) also frees me to express myself authentically.“

Talking Speechless, by Jeff Alan West

“If one stays open to possibility it’s interesting to see what develops. This work reflects this time in which I've made it. It is a state of mind and a personal artifact.”

Ri Ri’s Bike: Scarlet & Ultramarine, by Joshua Moreno

“During this pandemic, I began to closely observe the changing qualities of light … drawing a new series tracing shadows. This was made at my grandmother’s home in Watsonville where I traced the shadows of my cousin Ri Ri’s bicycle.”

And We’re Back, by Jess Waidhofer

“Made within a week of returning from the evacuations caused by the CZU Lightning Complex. Already within a pandemic, it was a fever dream to be evacuated; you almost forget about the other disasters around you.”

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