Our Financials

Dive into the MAH's audited financial statements and IRS Form 990s here.

At the MAH, we strive to serve our community while building the long-term sustainability of our organization.

Although we maintain modest reserves, our financial position has been understandably weakened as a result of COVID-19. For the long term, we have been working to strengthen our business model with financial strategies that include striking a realistic balance between earned and contributed revenue, shoring up cash flow, expanding our resources, and broadening our base of support.

Learn more about our resilience plan in our 2019-2020 Annual Report.

The 2019-2020 State of the MAH
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In 2019 we earned our fifth consecutive 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, indicating strong financial health and a commitment to accountability and transparency.

This rating indicates we have adhered to sector best practices and execute our mission in a financially responsible and efficient way.

For further questions, please contact us at info@santacruzmah.org or (831) 429-1964.

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