In These Uncertain Times

Highlighting Santa Cruz County's creativity and compassion during a Global Pandemic with a community-sourced and co-created exhibition.

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Opens Fall/Winter 2020

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2nd Floor Solari Gallery

In these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to come together to create, celebrate, and heal.

The daily lives of people in our community, and all over the world, have changed dramatically in response to the rapid spread of COVID-19. While shelter in place orders have many people spending more time indoors, others continue to live and work outside the home with caution.

Opening in Fall/Winter of 2020, In These Uncertain Times will showcase the creativity and resilience of Santa Cruz County’s response to shelter in place and the COVID-19 global pandemic. Through community-sourced artwork, individual stories and objects from the MAH’s history collection, we will explore the ways that creativity and community can support us through times of uncertainty.

We want to hear how you are processing and responding to this moment. How are you connecting with your community? What are you doing, or choosing not to do, with this time?

Join our team of curators, educators, and historians as we come together to create this exhibition. Together we will share our experiences, reflect, and create in response to this medical and economic crisis.

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Over the next weeks and months we will be following up with opportunities for you to get involved with this exhibition through a variety of virtual programs. This form will let us know what you're most interested in working on and creating with us for this exhibition.
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Saturday, May 9th | 11am - 12pm

Grab your coffee and waffles and have all your In These Uncertain Times related questions answered with a brunch-time Q&A with Exhibition Catalyst, Whitney Ford-Terry.

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