Re:Collect: Remember Your Cosmic Roots

An immersive Afrospeculative experience that focuses on the exploration and preservation of indigenous cosmic roots.

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October 18, 2024–March 2, 2025

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Art Forum Gallery
3rd Floor

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Re:Collect emerges as an immersive AfroSpeculative art space, transcending conventional boundaries to explore the intersection of cosmic memory, ancestral narratives, and visionary imagination.

Subverting the typical museum experience, Re:Collect invites visitors to immerse themselves fully, engaging with art that pushes the boundaries of what is remembered from the past and imagined for the future. Through sound, visuals, layout, and even smells, Re:Collect envelops visitors in a holistic sensory experience, inviting them to journey inward and outward simultaneously.

"Remember Your Cosmic Roots": Inspired by Willow's "MARCELINE," this phrase prompts reflection on our celestial and terrestrial origins. As Indigenous people, the gift of remembering our roots, cosmic or not, has been intentionally stripped away. Yet, the concept of epigenetic memory suggests that our ancestors' memories live in our DNA, coded like a memory in a microprocessor. How do we access this data? How do we unravel it? How do we interpret what lives inside us, yet feels so foreign? How do we tap into this reservoir of knowledge? How do we navigate the interplay between what we remember from the past and what we envision for the future? How do we acknowledge the deliberate inaccessibility of ancestral memory?

Re:Collect is guest curated by Luna High-John Bey and features works by Oakland-based muralists Timothy B, Zoe Boston, and Shogun Shido.

Header image: Artwork by Shogun Shido.

Meet the Curator

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Luna High-John Bey

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Artwork by Zoe Boston.

Artwork by Timothy B.

Artwork by Shogun Shido.

Artwork by Timothy B.

Artwork by Zoe Boston.

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