Idolos (Icons)

Make your way up the stairwell to see one artist recreate Mexican icons from his childhood that bridge the gap between his colliding identities.

Exhibited from March 15, 2019 - March 8, 2020.

Step into the shoes of exhibiting artist Jorge Gomez-Gonzalez as he unpacks his colliding identities as a gay Mexican man through a collection of photographs.

As you move up the stairwell you'll see Jorge dressed and posed as Latinx celebrities and cultural icons from his childhood. These icons include Mexican wrestlers and musicians, legends and superheroes. Jorge reimagines these prominent figures to challenge his experience growing up gay in a culture he felt excluded him. By creating these images he is able to bridge the gap between the cultural intersections of his life as a gay Mexican man.


“When I came out at age 12 I felt like I had to distance myself from Mexican culture. [...] I never celebrated the intersectionality of being a gay Mexican man because I simply never saw anyone else do it.”

Jorge Gomez-Gonzalez

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Dona Florinda


Jorge Gomez-Gonzalez

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