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An Evening with The Divorce Dress

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Saturday, June 8, 2019,
5pm - 8pm

Gratis | Donación sugerida $7

Join an evening of storytelling, haikus, and checking out the iconic, world-renowned Divorce Dress.

The Divorce Dress is an interactive art project that explores relationship endings from across the globe. Told through the medium of photography, poetry, and prose by Kay Hansen and Georgia Cantando.

Hear the most powerful stories Kay and Georgia have heard on their journey. Dive into the many different kinds of relationships we may have all while exploring gender, religion, sexual orientation, and cultural beliefs.

Everyone is invited to come and just listen or get involved by making haiku's, sharing your stories, and maybe even trying on the dress.

Meet Your Hosts

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The Divorce Dress is a collection of candid stories about relationship endings from around the globe by Kay Hansen and Georgia Cantando. Two women, one dress, and a mission...redefine divorce and loosen stigmas through photography, poetry, and prose!

Here’s what we do. We put you in the dress and listen to your stories about relationships... all relationships. You don’t need to be divorced to be in the dress. We listen to people who are still married, never married, who are children of divorce, divorced, even those who have never been in a relationship.

So far The Divorce Dress has traveled across the US, Canada and Central America. Our team, Kay Hansen and Georgia Cantando, have set our sights on Europe, Asia, and Africa to add more global perspectives.

"A decade ago, Kay Hansen found her husband’s ex-wife’s wedding dress in her closet, and she didn’t know what to do with it. It hung there for two years—rather annoyingly in the way, considering that she saw it each time she needed a shirt or pair of shoes. The ex-wife didn’t want it back, so her fiancé suggested eBay, since it was, after all, very expensive. But they were about to find more practical use."

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