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BONUS April Creativity Kit Launch Date

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Saturday, April 17, 2021 (all day)

The MAH's Secret Garden
Located behind Abbott Square

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We're making crafting at home a whole lot easier. Swing by the MAH to pick up a new, free crafting kit that includes supplies and step-by-step instructions.

For a bonus creativity kit offered through the month of April, we've teamed up with The Children’s Network for national child abuse prevention month. Together we invite you to pick up an activity kit for making your own pinwheel. The kit includes simple instructions, all necessary materials (except your own scissors), and a family resource brochure. Envision our community where all children belong.

During trying times we are especially aware that families are experiencing stress beyond anything we have witnessed in modern times. Children represent the brightest light that has the potential to move us out of these challenging times. Let's make sure we take the time to stand up in solidarity and take great care of all children in our community.

Pick up your creativity kit, located on the shelves next to the Community Fridge, inside our outdoor exhibition, Community is Collective Care.

The kits are available while supplies last.

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