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Thu, Jan 23, 2020

MAH Staffer's Abbott Square Favorites

Like everything at The MAH, Abbott Square is a place to enjoy with family, friends, and to make unexpected connections with art, history, and other fabulous people across our community. But, it's also about great food and drinks.

Thanks to the close proximity of the Museum to the Market, MAH staffers are tasting their way through the menus. From quick bites between meetings to lunch out in the plaza soaking up the sun, here's what MAH staffers recommend you try for your next stop at Abbott Square.

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Mocha with oat milk, made by Evelyn at Cat. Cloud. Companion. It even comes with vegan marshmallows!

- Helen Aldana, Intercultural Programs Coordinator

Blue Bunny's Veggie Bowl because of those juicy portabello babies.

- Roman Yanish, Partnerships Catalyst

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The Rainbow Roll from Daisuki in the Octagon is *chef's kiss*

- Lex Klein, Data & Operations Catalyst

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I love the Diavala Pizza at La Buffala- it has pepperoni and spicy oils and is so delish. Plus at lunch you get a free salad if you order a whole pizza.

- Jamie Keil, Public Programs Manager

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The water from the bottle fountain that doesn't taste like pipes and is free! Also, the black eye coffee (brewed coffee & 2 shots of espresso) from Cat. Cloud Companion. It isn't on on the menu but it's delicious and powerful.

- Leonardo Cruz, Guest Experience Manager

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I tend to alternate between the plantains at Veg on the Edge, cajun fries from Roux Dat, and grilled cheese from Central Coast Creamery when I need a mid-day snack.

- Ashley Holmes, Marketing & Brand Coordinator

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I love Blue Bunny's aguas frescas– I have the watermelon and jamaica. They're really authentic and so refreshing.

- Antonia Franco, Interim Executive Director

2-3 cups of drip coffee from Cat. Cloud. Companion.

- Whitney Ford-Terry, Exhibition Catalyst

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I'm a fan of the shrimp & corn etouffe from Roux Dat in the Octagon. A small is about $7 and is enough to fill me up for lunch on a cold day.

- Lis DuBois, Director of Operations

My kids love the ice cream from Central Coast Creamery. The flavors are always a good mix of unique and classic.

- Robert Zamora, Financial Catalyst

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Abbott Square

The MAH's outdoor public plaza is home to Abbott Square Market which boasts seven restaurants and two bars. Swing by to enjoy a vibrant community center in the heart of Downtown Santa Cruz.