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MAH Podcast

Wed, Aug 21, 2019

Marla Novo

Marla Novo - Director of Exhibitions & Programs

Listen: Birth, Death, and Regeneration

The That Was Weird crew returns to interview Betsy Anderson from Museo Carillo.

Archives & Collections Catalyst, Marla Novo, and Abbott Square Music Coordinator, Gabriel Kittle-Cervine interview Betsy on the lift of local muralist Eduardo Carillo, and the influence he has had on the culture here in Santa Cruz.

A beloved art professor at UCSC in the 70s & 80s, Eduardo is known most for his mural in the breezeway between Front St and Pacific Ave, next to where the MAH now stands, which was whitewashed by the owners of the building shortly after it's completion. His work is what inspired the MAH's current exhibition, Regeneración.

Join us in honoring Eduardo's influence and importance to our community's history.

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