Fri, Jul 12, 2019

Press Release: MAH Announces Interim Executive Director, Antonia Franco

The board of directors of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History at the McPherson Center (the MAH) announces Antonia D. Franco, Ed.D. as the Interim Executive Director. Antonia’s role will ensure the MAH continues to be in a place of strength.

Meet Antonia Franco

Antonia will be supporting the MAH’s operational, programmatic, partnership, and fundraising efforts.

She comes to the MAH with over 20 years of experience in government, philanthropy, and nonprofits as well as three years of serving on the MAH Board. She is a proven leader and a high-performing nonprofit executive, most recently as the Executive Director of SACNAS. Headquartered in Santa Cruz, SACNAS supports the advancement of underrepresented students and professionals, nationally, in the STEM workforce.

Antonia is an excellent person to step into this role as she understands the MAH’s mission to build a stronger, more connected community. Prior to serving on the board, Antonia participated in creating one of the museum’s community issue exhibitions as a member of the MAH’s Creative Community Committee.

Antonia will be combining her knowledge and expertise to help the MAH continue welcoming more -- and more diverse -- people to the museum, Abbott Square, and Evergreen Cemetery. The MAH has so much to be proud of. We have a strong membership base of nearly 2,000 households, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of community collaborators. Abbott Square is becoming a more established and welcoming downtown gathering place and We’re Still Here is a groundbreaking exhibition that is having a great impact for seniors in our community and will tour throughout the Bay Area.

"I am excited to be stepping into this role. The MAH is an amazing organization and I look forward to supporting the Board and staff as we continue to activate the MAH as a vibrant space for our community."

- Antonia Franco, Interim Executive Director

"The MAH is a thriving central gathering place and the creative heart beat of our community. We are grateful to have Antonia’s leadership in the coming months."

- Jim Emerson, MAH Board President