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Thu, Feb 07, 2019

5 Creative Events Happening in Santa Cruz This Weekend

Fantastical bike parties, Valentine’s-fueled burlesque, artists on the Ave...if Santa Cruz County weren’t this creative, the MAH would be a lot more boring.

That’s why we’re using our digital megaphone to shout out some of the best events happening in town this weekend.

Pull up your phone calendar (or nearest napkin) and jot down the dates for these five events you won’t want to miss.

Santa Cruz Bike Party 3

1. Santa Cruz Bike Party: The Fantasy Ride

Friday, February 8th 7-9:30pm, Free
Begins at The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Avenue

Hop on your trusty two-wheeled steed and join the calvary on this group ride hosted by Bike Santa Cruz County. Whether you’re dressing like Hermione or Gimli, or attempting your best bicycling goblin, this monthly series is a great chance to dress up, make a few new pedaling pals, and bike some classic Santa Cruz sights.

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2. Printmaking Takeover With Little Giant Collective

Friday, February 8th 6-8pm, Free

Create your own instant work of art and screen print gorgeous premade designs with Little Giant Collective, a group of 12 local artists. Bring a t-shirt or tote bag with you if you’d like to customize something wearable. (You know you wanna.)

P.S. Little Giant Collective just opened up their own printshop across the street from the MAH (or if you’re hungry, you may instead refer to this as “next to Mobo Sushi.”) Stop by after the event to take a peek at the new space.

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3. Sin Sisters Burlesque

Saturday, February 9th 7:30pm, $20-40, 21+
Kuumbwa Jazz Center

What better way to commemorate some freshly-minted Valentine’s Day heartbreak than taking yourself on a solo date to the only monthly burlesque show in Santa Cruz? Ok fine, it’s also a fun date idea too. Or friend date. Or you and your cat date. (Maybe don’t bring your cat.) Whatever your choice, get ready to sit back and enjoy some sultry performances by this legendary local act.

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4. Hearts for the Arts

Open until February 13th, 11am-5pm
Artisans Gallery

Since you’re already downtown for all of this weekend madness, stop by Artisans Gallery to enjoy some art for a cause. Over 60+ artists contributed original work for this show. All proceeds go to support Arts Council Santa Cruz County’s arts education programs.

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5. Makers Market

Sunday, February 10th, 10am-5pm
Pacific Avenue between Water St & Locust St

Grab a last-minute, you’ll-be-so-glad-it’s-not-Hallmark gift for Valentine’s Day at this brand new arts market taking over Downtown Santa Cruz every month. Discover everything from artisan candies to handmade jewelry gems. Featuring 40+ artists in just a few blocks, the Makers Market probably has the most creativity per square mile in Santa Cruz. Don’t fact check us on that.