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We have no open positions at this time.


We have several internship opportunities at the MAH. An internship is different from volunteering in that we ask you to make a significant time commitment to the museum, take responsibility for a specific project, and learn to work across many areas of the museum. Each intern has a manager on staff who will work with you to develop a project plan, provide mentorship throughout the project, and provide feedback on your work. All MAH internships are unpaid. It is possible to get school credit if that works for your professors/teachers/administrators.

We offer internships in three timeframes:

  • summer
  • school year
  • other – usually short-term intensives for graduate students or professionals
Applications for open internships are accepted on a rolling basis. When we find the right person, we close the internship. If you’re interested in something, don’t wait to apply…
Learn more about our internships from our interns themselves. Check out their InternCity Blog.

Please note that internships at the MAH are a full-contact sport. We don’t have a comprehensive program to provide extensive training or structure, and things move quickly here. That can be exciting or chaotic depending on how you look at it. Successful MAH interns are self-directed, energized about the opportunity to take on significant projects, and undaunted by the unknown. Feel free to talk with us more about what the experience is like (or talk to current interns!) to make sure it’s right for you.



Photography/Video Intern (October 4th-December 19th, 2014)Deadline to apply: September 22nd 2014

This position supports Marketing at the MAH by creating dynamic and engaging media from our events, exhibitions, and day-to-day operations. Marketing at the MAH takes on an engaged, adaptive and creative approach. An open exchange of ideas is encouraged. Meeting deadlines is necessary. Your path at the museum is up to you: at the minimum, you will generate great content to be shared between visitors, used across all of MAH’s social media, printed materials, and fundraising initiatives. At the maximum, you could create an independent photo/video project for the MAH that will be used across all departments of the museum and add incredible content to your portfolio.

Prioritize creative content. Must be comfortable interacting with people—sometimes in a hectic and crowded setting.  Learn and practice the museum’s mission in a way that highlights the heart of the organization itself through your photography or film. For more info on how to apply please click here.


Guerrilla Marketing Intern (January-June, 2014)

Deadline to apply: January 19th, 2015  

This position supports the Marketing & Engagement Coordinator in creative marketing strategies—emphasis on creative. This isn’t a desk-heavy position. This is a role on the front-lines, prioritizing exciting outreach ideas and lots of interaction with people.

There are two paths for this position. You can choose one (or both. This isn’t the Matrix.):


MAH Street Squad – Help lead a passionate group of volunteers in brainstorming creative ways to get the word out about MAH events and exhibitions. This is less about flyering, and more about “sneaky” ways to promote (think: pop-up libraries, flash mobs, distributing an army of plastic animals around downtown leading to the museum).


Goodbying – Creating compelling, creative DIY takeaways promoting MAH events for visitors. Being a people person to the zillionth degree, positively representing the museum while engaging visitors through dynamic takeways (mini-zines, personalized notes, swag!) and awesome conversation.

For more info on how to apply please click here.



School Programs Intern (October 4th, 2014 – June 2015)

New Deadline to Apply: January 5th, 2015

The School Programs Internship provides an experience for those with a strong interest in education to teach and share art and history with local elementary aged school children in both a classroom setting and informal learning environment. Interns assist with curriculum development, lesson planning, public speaking and delivering lesson plans. The Museum creates opportunities for further understanding, enjoyment, and engagement with original works of art and historic artifacts. We believe this is achieved through the process of personal meaning-making gained not only from looking at objects but also from discussing, experiencing, and connecting to art and history. For more info on how to apply please click here.



Teen Program Intern (January 2015-June 2015)

Deadline to Apply: January 5th, 2015  

The Teen Program Internship supports planning, and implementation of MAH’s Teen Program, Subjects to Change. Through meetings, co-facilitating activities including but not limited to team building exercises, documentation of our community, and leadership enrichment trainings, the Teen Program Intern assists in teens explore what it means to be an active community member, how as community members teens can create change, and the tools necessary to ignite leadership. For more information on how to apply please ClickHere.