Teen Opportunities

Subjects to Change is a program run by teens for teens who want to make a difference in Santa Cruz county. They make magic happen by raising awareness of community issues through collaborative arts and creative experiences. This program focuses on exploring what it means to be an active community member, how you can create change, and what the necessary tools are to ignite leadership in our community.

Artistic Social Change

Founded in 2013, Subjects to Change has activated community engagement through creative tactics. One week, we may work with local artists to wheatpaste art on downtown buildings supporting the conservation of the San Lorenzo River. Another week, we learn about food justice from a Santa Cruz expert at our team meeting.

Through this work, we transform parts of Santa Cruz County– and we also transform ourselves. We come together every year as community activists and leave as friends.

Past Work

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Queer Youth Open Mic

We shared our voices at this event produced with Motion Pacific and the Diversity Center

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Teen Art Market

Supporting youth work by selling our zines, art, and jewelry three years in a row at the MAH

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Power to the Picket Workshop

We created signs with the community for the Women’s March in 2018

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Meetings for Change

Every week, we meet to talk community change, make stuff, and change ourselves while we’re at it

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Printmaking at the Farmers Market

We like to take our work outside and share art beyond museum walls, like at the Farmers Market.

Join the change

We’re not taking applications until Winter 2019, but we’re always looking to connect with more teens wanting to make a change in Santa Cruz County.

Sound like you? Message us at info@santacruzmah.org.