Music at the MAH

Since the MAH opened Abbott Square in 2017, musicians from near and far have had the opportunity to send their sounds into the streets of Downtown Santa Cruz.

Now nearly three years later, the MAH's music series in Abbott Square brings together hundreds of community members every week to connect through a shared love of music.

There is no rhyme or redundancy to the way the MAH books music, we pride ourselves on having the most eclectic music program around for folks of all ages and backgrounds. One day you might be jumping around to some samba funk fusion, and the next day you could sit back and enjoy the sweet harmonies of mountain folk.

You + the MAH = Magic

Support community connection, stay in touch, and come enjoy a show.

Make a Night of It


Pop into Abbott Square Market to enjoy bites and beverages from any of the six restaurants or two bars.

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Wanna Play?

We have a fully functional inventory of AV equipment, and sound savvy MAH staff to be the on-site host and audio engineer. Focus on your art, we're here to help you have the most sonically sensational show possible.

Share Your Sound with Downtown
We’d love to hear your music, get to know you, and book you a show.
Reach Out

Plug-and-Play Equipment

  • Allen & Heath ZED 12FX Mixing Board -- 12- channel in- 6 XLR in 10 1/4" L/M in /1 RCA in - 2XLR out
  • 2 powered Yamaha DXR 10 Main speakers, with speaker stands.
  • 2 powered Fender Audio Fighter 10" stage monitors
  • 5 boom mic stands
  • 2 SM57 Mics, 2 SM58 Mics, 2 dynamic Mics, 2 wireless Mics
  • 4 mini instrument mic stands
  • Many XLR cables up to 25 feet long
  • Supplemental 1/4in cables, all pretty short in length
  • 2 Direct Inboxes
  • Audio Input snake with 8 XLR inputs and 4 1/4in inputs
  • Power strips Stage Left, Upstage Center, & Stage Right
  • Many extension cords
  • Rugs
  • 3 small ambiance stage lights

See What It’s Like

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