Igniter Circle

Stoke the Creative Fires

$1000 - $5000+

Join the small group of creative influencers who ignite the MAH’s vision of building a stronger, more connected community.

Connect to the MAH and Santa Cruz County in igniting ways. Meet other Igniters at VIP events and get treated to behind-the-scenes experiences. Guide the future of creativity in our community by providing feedback directly to MAH leadership.

Become an Igniter Circle Member

Contact us below and we will reach out to welcome you to the Igniters Circle.

Meet other members who are invested in building a stronger community.

Get access to events like the Red Ball.

Special Events for Igniters

Igniter Circle Perks


  • Visit museum for free
  • Get a 10% discount at the gift store
  • Get into MAH events at a discount
  • Bring your family* to the museum for free
  • Bring friends for free with guest passes
  • Go to exclusive exhibition preview, artist talks, and other behind-the-scenes events
  • Visit 800+ museums nationwide for free
  • Attend GLOW VIP experience with fire artists
  • Get validated parking while you're at the MAH
  • Attend the Annual Visionaries Party
  • Get personalized MAH support


  • Everything in GLOW plus:
  • Design a personalized MAH experience


  • Everything in Flame

Current Igniters

Bella Babot and Richard Baer

Carola Barton and John Supan

Jasmine Berke and Scott Roseman

Mary and Harry Blanchard

Bogard Family

Bobbi Burns and Ed Colligan

Linda and John Burroughs

Carla and Patrick Carstens

Angela Chesnut

Freny Cooper

Keri and Dan Crask

John and Karen Dowdell

James Emerson

Patrick Fitz

Jeff Gaffney

Lisa & Rafael Ortiz

William Harmon

Carroll Harrington

Anne and Frank Hayden

David and Jackie Heald

David Jacobs and Emily Klein Jacobs

Judy Jones

Susan and Stephen Karon

Vance Landis-Carey and Robert Carey

Laura and Terry LaPorte

Barbara Lee

Esther and Gerry Levandoski

Patty Lezin

Suna Locke

Karen and Walter Loewenstern

Andrea London

Tami Lynn and Stephen Joseph

Cliff Maas

Laura and Jago Macleod

Carol and Joe Marini

Bruce and Marcia McDougal

Joanna Miller

Donna Murphy and Mark Mesiti-Miller

Susan Nemitz

George Newell

Harvey and Judy Nickelson

Peter and Mary Ann Orr

George Ow and Gail Michaelis-Ow

Julie Packard

Wayne Palmer and Earleen Overend

Ann Rando

Rowland and Patricia Rebele

Burt and Cynthia Rees

Elio and Joy Rodoni

Alison Ruday and Bern Whitney

Joanne Sanchez and Jacob Martinez

Sheri Shipe and Heather Lee

Mary Solari

Susan Solt

Ashley and John Spencer

Heather Stiles and Trevor Strudley

Debra and Amanda Szecsei

James Thompson

Ellen Timberlake

Mickey and Madaline Tomlinson

Craig Vachon and Rhonda Howard-Vachon

Michelle Van Ooy

Cathy and Dennis Wagstaffe

Anne and Michael Watkins

Charles and Chris Woodson

Other Ways To Get Involved

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