GLOW: A Festival of Fire & Light

Saturday, October 12th | 7-10pm

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Ready. Set. GLOW

Welcome to GLOW. GLOW is the MAH's annual festival featuring the very best fire and digital artists in Santa Cruz County.

Feel the rush of heat and excitement as you explore every corner of the Museum, Abbott Square, and Cooper Street on Saturday, October 12th.

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  • Listen to the sounds, as fire-breathing instruments hurl music and flames toward the stars.
  • Walk among six-foot-tall glowing statues.
  • Join glowing experiments with local scientists.
  • Take photos with the inflatable, illuminated organisms.
  • Explore Cooper Street as it fills with unbelievable fire dancing.
  • Get hands-on in the electrified museum with interactive projections, glowing crafts, and LED sculptures.
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Exhibition Opening


You're in for a special treat this year at GLOW.

Debuting the night of GLOW will be an incredible balloon sculpture by HongSeok Goh, a blind South Korean balloon artist. Marvel at the intricacy of his creation as it is suspended from the Museum ceiling in the main breezeway.

Want to know what incredible creation he has crafted specifically for Santa Cruz? Get your tickets to GLOW to find out.

2019 Lineup

Check back soon for the full experimental, performance, and interactive experiences at GLOW.

Fire Artists

Satan's Calliope

A fire breathing pipe organ with 17 pulse jets, 14 truck horns, 14 organ pipes mounted atop a Landspeeder imported from Tatooine. By Lucy Hosking.

Fire Flowers & Palm Tree

The Fire Flower series is four beautiful firey blooms made of metal petals and a hot firey center. By Jensen Hastings.

Menagerie of Flaming Memories

Engage with works of fire art, such as Fire-fly and Flaming Mer-Mama by Jeff Caplan (aka Dr. Wasabi)


Metallic daisy like flower with a flaming center. By Cindy Pierce.

Nocturnal Sunshine

A visionary fire-dance troupe that blends several performance mediums including spectacular fire art, stilting and glow tools with theatrics, original costume and dance.

A Time Machine for the Loma Prieta Earthquake

In commemoration of the 1989 Loma Preita earthquake, artists Ann Altstatt and Kyle Lane-McKinley have created a structure that is both a tent and a time machine.


Make music with fire: An interactive fire percussion instrument visitors can play by hitting drumsticks on the piece to send flames up to the sky.


Digital Artists


A virtual reality experience by HubX based on the origins of life. Whimsy is a delightful universe of colorful particles moving around in space that self-organize into creatures who grow, have mobility, and interact with each other.

Cheetah Coalition

Use the glowing pegs to create innovative designs or you stand back and watch art take form. By Shannon Shamoon.

The Science of GLOW

Discover how molecules light-up the night in this fun, interactive set of science demonstrations with the UCSC Women in Science and Engineering.

Black-light art installation

Experience a glowing RAINFOREST in a new hands-on art installation by Michele Guieu. The installation is entirely created with paper made in the USA with trees from managed timberland. It will be recycled at the end of GLOW.


A photo booth that will paint portraits of the attendees using UV lasers by projecting on phosphorescent panels. Portraits will range from photo-realistic representations to warped and distorted resemblances by Salvador Alan McBenttez and Tim Greiser.


A large-scale interactive projection piece that allows participants of GLOW to use a 3-story tall digital avatar to play with plasma, fire, and embers by Visual Endeavors.

Burning Man Love Story

An interactive digital art piece celebrating love at Burning Man by Mark Filpowicz. Supported by an art grant from unSCruz, a regional Santa Cruz Burning Man Event.

Crystal Cluster II

Katelyn Bryn explores the various shapes of quartz crystal clusters and the light they refract by using rebar, cellophane, silicone and programmable led lights.

The Light Orchestra

The Light Orchestra is a visual instrument that you can play with your body—it's like a musical instrument, but you're producing light, not sound. A wall of 1250 Total Control Lighting LEDs, 6 meters (20 feet) tall, is at your command. Walk up and be the conductor! With a small gesture, create a flicker; with a sweeping motion, throw fountains of color. #CoolNeon


Interactive Projection Mapping

A live interactive projection mapping on the Cooper House by Drew Detweiler.

Light Walker

A ten foot tall, four legged, horned LED monster that reacts and moves through the crowd by Casey Gerstle.

Land Sharks and Electric Butterflies

They are glowing, animated shark sculptures that are made of steel wire. They are mounted on four wheel drive, remote controlled cars. By Todd Wiliams.

Flos Aliena

A cluster of 20-foot tall LED spires that interact through wireless communication to make a fun, colorful display by Michael Saleski.

The Light Orchestra

A visual instrument that you can play with your body—it's like a musical instrument, but you're producing light, not sound. A wall of 1250 full-color LEDs stands 20 feet tall and is at your command. With a small gesture, create a flicker; with a sweeping motion, throw fountains of color.

Vanity Infinitum

A large triangular mirrored infinity room and two large interactive kaleidoscopes by Ned Greene.


An interactive simulation of a forest fire showing how fire suppression affects forest health. Plus a unique digital arch to bring digital lightning strikes to vivid life by ProductOps.

Pom Pom Projekt

An interactive dome design with protruding rainbow colored noodle arms creating a giant pom pom effect. Designed to be able to crawl inside, walk, or run through the pool noodles on a designated path, the installation is created to bring joy and playfulness.

Retro Paradise

A one-stop shop for retro theme party clothing and accessories for men and women, Retro Paradise will be selling light-up rainbow tutus and various other light-up accessories.

Spektical Entertainment

Roaming glow-in-the-dark face painting



Addi Somekh plays a bass made entirely out of latex balloons and air, but it’s no toy - it’s 3 and a half octaves and sounds like a deep, funky acoustic bass. His band, Unpopable, featuring the amazing Joey Maramba on electric bass, and Arlynn Page on vocals will shake your hips, blow your mind and redefine what you thought balloons were capable of.

Hoopin' Honeys

Sparkly spin-tastic hoop goddesses bringing the hoop love to Santa Cruz.

Performance Schedule:

8pm Nocturnal Sunshine

8:30pm Unpopable

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Things to Know

Suitable for kids?

All ages are welcome and require tickets. However, any child that will be held for the entirety of the event does not need a ticket. Any kid that will be standing or sitting at the event has to pay due to limited spaces and safety reasons.

Note that strollers are not allowed.

Can I bring my dog/service animal?

No pets, but service animals are allowed.

Can I dress up/wear glowing clothes?

100% yes and it's strongly encouraged. The more glowing costumes and accessories, the better!


There are two parking garages located near the Museum at Soquel/Front Street and River/Front Street.

Extra tickets at the door?

Yes, extra tickets will be available at the door unless the event sells out. We recommend buying tickets in advance. Ticket prices go up at the door. General: $25, Member: $20, Children: $20

In and out privileges

Your wristband is your ticket back in. If you lose your wristband, you can’t get back in.


Bathrooms are located in the back of the museum, on either side of the elevator on all 3 floors. There is an all gender bathroom on the 2nd floor.


Abbott Square Market will be open.

How can I participate as an artist next year?

We are so glad you are already looking forward to next year. Please fill out the form below.

If I bundle my tickets and buy a membership, do I gain access to the museum right away?

Yes! When you buy a membership through GLOW your year-pass to the museum and other upcoming events starts right away. Check out all the membership benefits here. Questions? Email us at

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As a Set-Up Volunteer, you'll set up the venue on October 11th (the day before GLOW). You'll help set the stage for an open street filled with fire dancing and art and start illuminating the museum.

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