A new light-based work by Belgian artist couple Tom and Lien Dekyvere that explores the relationships between organic and artificial structures.

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September 21, 2023–January 7, 2024

Solari Gallery
2nd Floor

Tom and Lien Dekyvere explore the deeper layers of reality and mind. Just as the alchemists of former times probing for unexpected connections, in search of the boundaries between nature and technology, between human and robot, between dead and living matter.

A new commission, Stream is a light installation made of solar panels and e-waste materials like recycled circuit boards. Our world creates a digital version of reality, and beyond the rather computerized aspect, an effective materialization takes place. Natural rock formations are turning into virtual material; the human mind and body get hardwired extensions; fauna and flora are replaced by artificial artifacts.

“There is an immense trash bin in the world of electronic waste and I wanted to do something with that because I am questioning what we are doing with the over digitalization.”
—Tom Dekyvere

In addition to the exhibition, Stream will also be part of the MAH's Frequency festival, September 21–24, 2023.

Header Image: Elantica, Eindhoven, 2017, photo courtesy Tom Dekyvere.

Meet the Artists

Elantica Eindhoven 2017 copyright tomdekyvere photo tom dekyvere 10


Tom & Lien Dekyvere

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Elantica, IVY2.0 by Tom Dekyvere, photo by Hannes Verstraete.

Rhizome by Tom & Lien Dekyvere, 2020, photo by Valery Bellengier.

Elantica by Tom & Lien Dekyvere, Eindhoven, 2017, photo by Valery Bellengier.

Our House (detail) by Tom Dekyvere, Ghent, 2015, photo Tom Dekyvere.

Elantica, IVY2.0 by Tom Lien Dekyvere, photo by Valery Bellengier.

Elantica by Tom& Lien Dekyvere, Breckenridge, 2017, photo by Liam Doran.

Elantica, IVY2.0 by Tom Dekyvere, photo courtesy of the artist.

Elantica by Tom & Lien Dekyvere, Baltimore, 2018, photo by Jon Bilous.

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