RedBall Santa Cruz

Find the 15-foot inflatable sculpture by artist Kurt Perschke as it pops up daily in different locales throughout Santa Cruz County.

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Tuesday, June 8 - Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Throughout Santa Cruz County

Discover, track down, and pose alongside the inflatable mobile sculpture by artist Kurt Perschke.

Perschke’s RedBall Project is a sculptural installation traveling around the globe, adopting cities as its canvas. Through a mixture of vision and wit, the RedBall squeezes between buildings and is hoisted above bridges finding those mundane, overlooked places and filling them with possibility. From June 8th - 13th, 2021 the 15ft red ball will explore our unique architectural landscape and history with daily installations popping up throughout Santa Cruz County.

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“I utilize my opportunity as an artist to be a catalyst for new encounters within the everyday.”

Kurt Perschke

Well Traveled

The RedBall has visited three continents and over 26 cities.

Redball Project

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Kurt Perschke

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"The piece came directly out of working with an urban site for a commission. I had been offered an opportunity to develop an idea for one of three sites in St. Louis through the Arts in Transit program. I kept coming back to this ugly area, underneath an overpass with a bit of gravel on the ground. It had clearly been offered up because it was one of those leftover spots in a city, but I was drawn to the way the concrete bridge merged into the earth and the space is created. RedBall came out of my thinking about that space, and how to show what I was seeing." – Kurt Perschke

"Red invites a sense of play. Red is the color of energy and love. It’s always been red, even when I first drew it." – Kurt Perschke

It's a happy coincidence that the MAH's logo is also a red ball. And the MAH's logo draws inspiration from the red ball sculpture by Kenneth Hepburn found on the corner of Front & Cooper Street outside the museum.

There is only one. This is one well-traveled ball.

No, we won't keep you in suspense (for too long). Before the performance begins, we'll tease out and announce the sites on social media.

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