Making It

Eight artists are “making it” in their own unique way. Making art. Making a living. Making change. We invite you to explore their work and consider what it means to “make it.”

Exhibited from September 5, 2014 – November 30, 2014

Exitoso! How do you measure success?

This is a tough question for anyone to answer. For artists from marginalized backgrounds, the question can be especially complex. Is success being accepted as you are or standing out in a crowd? And who is the one to decide if we are successful or not?

Carlos Almaraz, Enrique Chagoya, Rupert García, Carmen Lomas Garza, Gronk, Ester Hernandez, Patssi Valdez, and John Valadez are all leaders in the founding generation of Chicano artists. We asked them to share their definitions of success. We asked them how being Mexican-American impacted their answers. The result is this exhibition of powerful artwork and challenging ideas.

This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History and The Mexican Museum of San Francisco.

About the Mexican Museum of San Francisco

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The mission of The Mexican Museum is to voice the complexity and richness of Latino art and culture throughout the Americas, and to engage and facilitate dialogue among the broadest public.

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A note on language: Chicano is a term many American-born Mexican-Americans use to describe their ethnic identity. Spanish is a gender-specific language. People use Chicano or Chicana depending on gender identity of the person in question. In this exhibition and related media, you will see the word Chican@. This word is meant to represent people of all genders.

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