To Bee or Not to Bee

Wander up the stairwell to see every side of this three-story column of flowers and bees.

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March 11th, 2020 - 2021

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Stairwell Installation

Weave your way up the stairwell to see all sides of this hanging 3-D three-story bee and flower installation created by local artist Dag Weiser.

Crafted, cut, and colored by Dag Weiser, a local multi-media artist who has been making larger than life artworks out of recycled cardboard for over 40 years. Cardboard has been Dag's medium of choice ever since building a cardboard boat to compete in the annual Capitola Begonia Float Parade in 1976.

Dag aims to highlight the creative collaboration between our flowers and bees, but you'll also notice a few metallic-looking flowers sprinkled throughout. At a time of ecological uncertainty, Dag draws attention to the importance of our honey bee population and the colors, food, and resources that would diminish without our buzzing friends.

“For years I have staged short-term outdoor cardboard art exhibits. These displays can pop up anywhere, and have! I like the idea that to share it, one has to chance upon it. As if it’s a gift you had no idea someone was giving you.”

-Dag Weiser

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Dag Weiser

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