Blue Sky: Same & Different

Immerse yourself in the wonder of HongSeok Ko's masterful balloon installation.

Exhibited from October 12th, 2019 - October 29th, 2019.

Look on in awe as hundreds of colorful balloons fill the MAH in this one-time pop-up installation by blind, South Korean artist HongSeok Ko (Mr. Goh).

Let your jaw drop as you step below hundreds of whimsical balloons in this immersive balloon installation. Then, follow the unicorn balloon sculpture as it leaps from the colorful balloon sky up into the MAH's stairwell.

Blue Sky is brought to the MAH thanks to the generous support of the South Korean government and was created alongside fellow balloon artist Addi Somekh and a team of South Korean artists.


“The unicorn’s powerful jump from space to space represents not a conflict of difference but a light of understanding and harmony.”

HongSeok Ko

Goh W Dragon

Balloon Artist

HongSeok Ko

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Mr. Goh's Intention

In his own words:

The Korean peninsula, where I was born & have grown up, is the only divided country in the world. South & North Korea are the same people, but living in different countries. Diverse thoughts and values of ideology, religion, ethnicity, interests, etc. have been making historical events from the past to the present with dichotomous equations of “same” and “different”. Homogeneity and heterogeneity have both strengths and weakness and positive and negative factors. I would like to express them as phenomenological objects that are the same and different through the characteristics of the materials called balloons.

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