Word Church

Word Church featuring Bobbi Kindred

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Monday, February 18, 2019,
4pm - 8pm

$2-$7 (tarifa variable)

Word Church is a community of local poets who recognize and value the power of spoken word as a means of healing, growing, and empowering ourselves and each other.

We gather every Monday to write together in an open writing workshop from 4-5pm, then host an open mic followed by a featured poet starting at 5:30pm.

The night breaks down like this:
4:00 - Writing Workshop
5:30 - Open Mic List Goes Out
6:00 - Poetry Begins
7:00 - This Week's Featured Poet: Bobbi Kindred

More on this week's feature:
Cierra Green, Bobbi Kindred, Jolinda’s baby, and Storyteller, because there are multiple energetic beings that exist within Them and each must be honored. Storytelling is how they honor the wounds within themself that still gape, and how they invoke the spirit of their ancestors' tongue when they share communally, and they deeply believe in the power of storytelling to heal the inner child. They have just published their first book, "This (Boi)yant Body: Narratives of a Queer Black Boi and the Waters that Carry Them", a collection of poetry and prose.

All ages, styles, backgrounds, beliefs, and needs are welcomed. Respect is expected.