Community Pride Zine What does pride mean to you

Community Pride Zine Project

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021 (all day)

Accepting Submissions Through June 30th

In celebration of Pride 2021 let's celebrate our creativity and individuality with a community

Inspired by the Publications & Communications section in our virtual Queer Santa Cruz exhibition, we are inviting the community to share stories, experiences, and anecdotes in response to one prompt. What does pride mean to you?

Submissions must be in the form of a pocket zine. Submitted pocket zines will be scanned and shared as part of the virtual exhibition and Pride 2021.

How to Submit Your Zine

Submissions will be accepted through June 30th, 2021*

  • Make your Zine by hand or digitally. You're welcome to use this template.
  • Fill out this form, submit your zine through the form or drop it off at the MAH during open hours (Friday- Saturday, 12-6pm)
    • If you would like to be credited when dropping off your zine at the MAH, please include a note with your name, address, and email or phone number with your submission.
    • We will contact you afterward to come to pick up your zines at the MAH.
  • BONUS: Take a picture of your zine, share on social media, and tag @santacruzpride & @santacruzmah

*If you submit your zine by June 1st, your zine could be displayed in our display windows inside the museum from June 7th-June 20th.

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New to Zines?

We got you covered! Back in 2020, we hosted a virtual DIY Quaranzines event. Check out the post to get familiar with zines, from what they are to how to make them. You can also use the template below to make your own Pride Zine. Download it, print it, and start your zine!

Local History

In the 1970s and 80s’, Santa Cruz saw the birth of publications and communications led by the LGBTQ community. For this generation, these publications were essential for staying informed on events and issues. In 1976, the Rubyfruit Readher was established as a newsletter to capture the lesbian perspective and experience. In 1980 UCSC’s radio station, KZSC, established "Closet Free Radio". Following publications were the Lavender Reader, LaGazette, Matrix, and the Manifesto.

Example Zine

The ABC's of Pride