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Play in Outer Space

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Sunday, September 8, 2019,
1pm - 3pm

$10 Incluye entrada al museo | Gratis para miembros

Explore our home planet and beyond inside a portable planetarium at the MAH. Co-created with Dome on the Go.

Pop inside the portable planetarium and be transported into a 360° solar system experience.

Learn and come up with whimsical stories about our universe, the moon, and our planet.

Test your space knowledge and try to guess how much you’d weigh on different planets.

Create your own constellation to dedicate to yourself, your favorite heroes, or your family.

Plus, explore three floors of art and history inside the MAH.

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Co-Created with Dome on the Go

Shmuel Gault 1

Dome on the Go utilizes a Digitarium® Zeta Portable Digital Planetarium System from Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. The system consists of a computer connected to a video projector, which outputs an image of the sky through a fisheye lens onto a dome. This particular Zeta system got its start when it was installed at the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology in Troy, NY in 2013. After the museum ceased operation of their planetarium, Dome on the Go purchased the system in 2016. The system was shipped back to the manufacturer where it was upgraded, paired with a new projector, and converted to a portable system.

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This event includes museum admission. Pop upstairs to explore three floors of interactive exhibitions.

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