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Museum of Injustice

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Thursday, March 21, 2019,
5:30pm - 7pm


Join Gateway Middle School students in a pop-up exhibit bringing awareness to some local social justice issues.

The students are learning about marginalized identity groups in order to develop a better understanding of their lived experiences, as part of their social justice and service learning emphasis. They are advocating for people whose stories they feel need to be shared by creating museum exhibits that will bring awareness to our local community. Hosting this event publicly at the MAH gives students a space for engaging with an authentic audience and enables them to take action by teaching others.

Some groups/experiences they will highlight:

  • Homeless individuals
  • People of Color and Police Brutality
  • Families Separated at US Border
  • Teen Mental Health
  • Asian Americans
  • Latino Immigration
  • Non-conforming Body Types
  • Sexual Assault against Girls

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