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Genealogy Workshops at the MAH: Practical Application

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Friday, June 21, 2024,
4pm - 7pm

The MAH, Garden Room
705 Front St.


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Join us in a heartfelt celebration of Juneteenth, as we come together to explore and honor our African American heritage through the power of genealogy.

We'll embark on a journey to trace our family roots, uncovering the hidden stories that shape our identities. These workshops are organized by Founder of the Brister English Project and Co-researcher of the London Nelson Legacy Initiative, Walter English.

Today's Workshop: Practical Application

  • Explore the Brister English Project genealogy database and get a firsthand look at records and stories surrounding slavery
  • See live demonstrations and case studies, including insights from the London Nelson Legacy Initiative
  • Participate in hands-on exploration

    Walter English is a genealogist that leads the Brister English Project, a nonprofit committed to helping African American descendants of chattel slavery trace their family histories. Through innovative research, comprehensive resources, and educational workshops, the project empowers individuals to uncover their family's history.

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