Flower Crown Workshop

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Friday, June 28, 2019,
5pm - 8pm

$15 Incluye admisión al museo | $5 Miembros y niños menores de cinco años

Learn how to make beautiful fresh flower crowns at this Friday Make Night Workshop.

Craft your own one-of-a-kind crown with flowers courtesy of Wild Moon Flowers.

Sign-up for one of the hour-long workshops (5-6pm or 7-8pm) to follow along with the teachers and get hands-on help from MAH volunteers. Great for all ages.

Get creative.
Choose your flowers and design the band with extra ribbons and greenery.

Pro-tip: ask which flowers will dry and hold their shape so you can have your crown last forever.

Explore three floors of art and history
for an inspiring evening discovering ancestry in Guided by Ghosts or community stories in the History Gallery.

Get inspired. Browse the MAH's Pinterest board to spark your creativity.

Workshop #1: 5-6pm

Workshop #2: 7-8pm

You Ready to Make a Flower Crown?
Space is limited. Reserve your spot today.
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Ticket includes workshop and museum admission. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled workshop to ensure you have enough time to check in before the class begins.

Get hands-on every Friday at Make, a series of craft nights for all ages.

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