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Dreamy Make Night

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Friday, April 12, 2019,
5pm - 8pm

$10 Incluye admisión al museo | Gratis para miembros

Drop in for a hands-on night of activities and crafts around something everyone in Santa Cruz County does: dream.

Part of a larger three-day Festival of Dreams, here's what you can expect at this event:

Craft a dream mask that reflects your most incredible, confusing and interesting dreams. Sequins, markers, feathers, and helpful volunteers will all be provided to help you design your dreamy mask.

Get cozy in the "dream temple"
and get your dreams analyzed by a few knowledgeable volunteers

Explore three floors of art and history
for an inspiring evening discovering ancestry in Guided by Ghosts or community stories in the History Gallery

Get hands-on every Friday at Make, a series of drop-in craft nights for all ages.

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Make Nights include museum admission. Pop upstairs to explore three floors of interactive exhibitions.

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This Make Night is the community portion of a bigger Festival of Dreams; An ongoing Santa Cruz experience partnering with the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), the world’s premiere dream organization, as a California Regional Event.

Hosted by IASD and by Santa Cruz residents Katherine Bell and Linda Mastrangelo, the “Festival of Dreams” is a three-day event, April 12-14 2019 in Santa Cruz, California. We will bring together dreamers from all around California (and beyond!) and inspire local people from the Santa Cruz area to ignite and feed interest in the power of nighttime dreams. Or as we like to say, “Keep Santa Cruz Dreaming!”

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