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Wed, Jan 15, 2020

Helen Aldana

Helen Aldana - Outreach & Inclusion Manager

Top 12 Tips for Art Market Success

Preparing for your first booth at an art or craft fair can be scary. But it doesn't have to be.

Check out our 12 tips for hosting a successful booth at your next craft fair.
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Dolla Dolla Bills

  • Have petty cash ready to provide change to folks paying with large bills.
  • Bring a box to store your money.
  • Bring a jar for folks to leave a tip. Sometimes the change can go right back to you :)
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Personalize Your Space

  • It is fun to decorate your space and show off your style. At our Art Markets, feel free to decorate your table with string lights, a nice table cover, a small rug, whatever feels good to you.
  • We recommend bringing art, crafts, and projects of varying sizes and prices. Having something available for around $5 or fewer welcomes in more people to get to know your work.
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Stay Organized

  • Have a pen and notepad ready to record your sales.
  • Create signage. Make it clear and easy for customers to see your pricing, business cards, labels etc.
  • Bring a calculator so you are ready to do some quick math.
  • Have a sign-up sheet to keep folks in the loop on your future commissioned projects and pop-ups.
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Won't You be my Neighbor?

  • We always recommend getting to know your booth neighbors. You all will be sharing space and making it an amazing one, together. Plus, growing your network of like-minded artists can be helpful to grow your business.
  • Document your experience. Take photos yourself or ask your booth neighbors or friends. Share your experience and engage with your followers to build up your audience.

And lastly, communicate with your contact at the Art Market.

Know who you can turn to and where to find them. At the MAH, please let your Art Market lead know if you need anything. We are happy to be a space holder as you go to the restroom, to interact with a difficult person, or to answer a question. We are here for you.

Sell Your Work

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