Favela In The Studio Photo Credit Mikayla Whitmore
MAH Podcast

Tue, Oct 15, 2019

Listen: A Conversation with Justin Favela

Join Archives & Collections Catalyst, Marla Novo, and Abbott Square Music Coordinator, Gabriel Kittle-Cervine, for 'That Was Weird: Stories from Santa Cruz', a fresh take on Santa Cruz History with the MAH's first-ever podcast.

Click below to listen to Marla and Gabriel interview Justin Favela, the artist who brought the exhibit Regeneración to the MAH this summer. Justin is a mixed media artist who does large-scale installation sculptures in the piñata style. His work references pop culture, art history, society, cultural commentary, and his own Guatemala-Mexican-American heritage that is rooted in growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada. He sat down to discuss his inspiration for this exhibition, his personal background, as well as the weird experiences he had during his time in Santa Cruz.

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