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We're Still Here

Wed, Mar 27, 2019

Ashley Holmes

Ashley Holmes - Marketing & PR Manager

Artist Captures Daily Lives of Local Seniors in Stunning Portraits

What does social isolation look like?

Local artist Gina Orlando worked with seniors one-on-one find out for the upcoming exhibition We're Still Here.

Gina Orlando

“I've spent hours listening to seniors open up ... and I really connected with them. They feel like family and I care so much about what happens to them after this exhibition.”

Gina Orlando — Photographer

After working with Gina, seven seniors were armed with a digital camera and set off to capture their daily life. Featured below are three of those seniors. Take a sneak peek at their stories and the powerful portraits taken by Gina.

We're Still Here is open until January 2020.

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Life in Slow Motion

Marshall , 60

Living alone in the Santa Cruz Mountains makes it difficult for Marshall to connect with people nearby. Unable to drive, Marshall takes the bus into town weekly to participate in the Claraty Arts Program, an arts organization that works with developmentally disabled adults.

Diane 1

Rents on the Rise

Diane, 71

Did you know seniors are the 2nd-fastest growing homeless population in Santa Cruz County? As rents in the region rise, older adults are finding it difficult to find affordable housing. Diane became homeless after leaving an abusive relationship. She suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and has occasional panic attacks.

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Rock Steady

Tim, 71

Most of us take our mobility for granted; 39% of people age 65 and older deal with disability or mobility issues. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Tim is now finding new ways to accept and embrace his challenges through boxing. Rock Steady Boxing offers those living with Parkinson's Disease a chance to connect by sharing their resilience.

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