MAH Art Markets

Stop by Abbott Square for our monthly art market happening every fourth Saturday from 5-8pm.

Stop by Abbott Square and browse through our new nighttime art markets.

Each market will share works from local artists and crafters of all mediums - photography, woodburning, printmaking, jewelry, pottery, and more. Check out what we have coming up and who will be sharing their works below.

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You are invited to share, sell, and create art for the Art Market of your choosing. We welcome artists and crafters of all mediums. We have limited booth spaces and will contact selected artists at least two weeks prior to the market date.

Artist Application Information


All artists should make their own work. Items offered for sale must be original work and must be representative of what is described in the application. Original artwork is defined as both handmade and/or the re-purposing of items which results in the creation of new and unique works of art. Artists are responsible for their own sales.

Please respect the art markets created to highlight specific communities. If you fall outside of them, there will be other opportunities. Our vision is to continue to host community art markets that create space for artists and crafters who are and are not historically marginalized.

Booth Fees & Sizes:

You are welcome to share the booth spaces with other artists, include them in the application when prompted. Payments will have to be paid in one full payment if accepted.

  • $25 - $50 per tablespace: The MAH will provide up to 2 6ft tables, electricity (if requested), and chairs

Fees are on a sliding scale, please email Helen if you have any questions

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Contact the art market organizer: Helen Aldana.

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Past Art Markets

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Interactive Art Market

Saturday, February 22nd, 12-3pm

Browse Abbott Square as artists show off their work, make something on the spot, and even demo their process right there on the spot.

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New Art Market

Saturday, January 25th, 1-4pm

Ring in the new decade with all-new art. Support creativity and shop new works from local artists out in Abbott Square.


World Market

Saturday, November 16th, 1-4pm

Support creativity and shop from artists from around the county, region, and the world.


Community Art Market

Saturday, October 26th, 1-4pm

Support Santa Cruz County artists and crafters. Open to local artists of all mediums and styles.

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Mercadito: Latinx Art Market

Saturday, August 24th, 6-9pm

Support Latinx artists and crafters. This art market will highlight the art and crafts created by Latinx artists of Santa Cruz County and beyond.

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*Latinx: gender-inclusive alternative for “Latino” or “Latina.”

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Queer Art Market

Saturday, July 27th, 6-9pm

Support LGBTQ+ artists and browse booths sharing art of all mediums, sizes, and topics.

Co-created with the Queer Art Collective.

*Queer: Queer is a word that describes sexual and gender identities other than straight and cisgender.