The Museum of Art & History at the McPherson Center

Upcoming Exhibitions

Zeke-Smith-poisonous High Res

Wild Mushrooms & Functional Fungi: November 6th, 2015 – March 20th, 2016

3rd Floor Art Forum Mushrooms: good on pizza, sometimes psychedelic, and also the world’s oldest and most uncelebrated tool. See how mushrooms push fungal forms: as bricks, as environmental cleaning tools, as vibrant dyes. Today, mushrooms have become a pioneering tool for designers,a  subject for artists, and important biotechnology for scientists. Explore how these fungal […]

Strength & Struggle: December 18th, 2015 – February 7th, 2016

2nd Floor Solari  Our bodies are like clay. We transform them through sport. We shape them with endurance. Sweat, strength and combat are our tools for change. Dive into a series of photography and video installations about how sport and endurance redefine our bodies, challenge traditional gender norms, and flip societal standards. This exhibition presents […]