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Past Exhibitions


The Nomadic Labyrinth: May 16 – June 1, 2014

THE NOMADIC LABYRINTH Paz de la Calzada May 16th – June 1st Located in the MAH Atrium The Nomadic Labyrinth is an interactive public art project that consists of a large scale labyrinth sculpture of precisely cut carpet. This mobile ongoing project not only explores the integration of drawing and architecture, but serve as a […]


The Cradle Project: February 7-March 23

3rd Floor Art Forum What do a local museum and an international health organization have in common? They inspire action. This exhibition was inspired by the work of Naomi Natale, an artist and activist who was moved to action when she visited Kenya in 2002. There, Natale witnessed that the far-reaching effects of AIDS that […]

Nikki McClure, Conspire (2003)

Nikki McClure: Cutting Her Own Path 1996-2013: February 28-May 25, 2014

2nd Floor Solari Gallery What can you make with an exacto knife and black paper? Nikki McClure transforms these humble materials into extraordinary graphic stories of daily life. Transcending everyday experiences like knitting, pond swimming and star-gazing, McClure creates striking depictions of otherwise missed moments. It all began with a calendar illustrating foraged foods printed […]


Planet Ord: April 4 – July 20, 2014

3rd Floor Art Forum Imagine shipping out to war tomorrow. What would your art look like today? Fort Ord – once the largest military base in the American West – was a vital center during the twentieth century. It is now decommissioned and in transition. More than a million people lived and worked at Fort […]


Crossing Cultures: Belle Yang, A Story of Immigration: June 6-August 24, 2014

2nd Floor Solari Gallery Imagine a map of your life. Where are you going, and where have you been? Belle Yang traces her path through vibrant paintings, illustrations and graphic novels about her experience as a Chinese American immigrant in Santa Cruz County. With charming depictions, Yang narrates the story of her family’s journey from […]