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Educator Resources

Boy paintingWe are currently in the process of revamping our educational outreach materials to offer a wider range of resources that will enable teachers to enhance their students’ learning at the Museum and in the classroom. Please come back soon; we’ll have some exciting new things to share. 


  • Anonymous

    Valencia Elementary (Aptos) has three third grade classes who would like to come to the History Focused School Tours.u00a0 We each have 30 students.u00a0 Friday is our best day.u00a0 We would need to finish by 1:00 p.m. Could we schedule all three tours on one day (back to back)?u00a0 Teachers are:u00a0 Rick Lober, Liz Wise, and Jan Swanson.u00a0 (I plan to set up the field trips for all three classes.)u00a0 Please get back to me.u00a0 Thanks, Jan Swanson

  • Jeff Caplan

    Art and History Trunks are a great way to inspire Language Development in Elementary Schools.

    My fourth grade class borrowed a trunk for California History, on the Old School House. I asked each group of three students to pick an item, and then try to get us to “buy it”….even if they didn’t know what it was! Everyone was excited, and worked hard to use their language skills to convince us we couldn’t live without the mystery item. I took notes and designed future structured language lessons to improve their skills.